Imagine, Best quality and lowest prices on Rubber Pavers and Safety Flooring

Rubber Pavers & Safety Flooring

Best quality and lowest prices

Best quality and lowest prices on Rubber Pavers and Safety Flooring

Best quality and lowest prices on Rubber Pavers and Safety Flooring

The 'Giants Causeway' of safety flooring

Sofstep is the leading safety equine surfacing application on the market and is a 100% green product, made of recycled rubber tires.

Professional horse handlers, trainers and breeders all know that injury to hoofs, ankles, knees and legs, as well as respiratory diseases are the worst enemy of a healthy animal. Many such injuries are the result of unsuitable and unsanitary flooring surfaces.

Sofstep successfully addresses and substantially reduces the causes of these injuries and diseases. It’s shock absorbing, traction, excellent drainage and sanitary properties provide the ideal safety flooring for both horses and handlers. Unique drainage system which provides excellent drainage in Stall's cutting bedding cost and stall labor in half, paying for itself within 12-18 months.

Bedding stay's dryer and lighter eliminating ammonia build up with less bacteria growth. Various colors and custom designs available, making your stalls, barns, walkways, driveways and more unique and attractive while at the same time safer and more comfortable.

Surfacing of recreation areas, playgrounds, and retirement communities is a critical aspect of any new and existing project. Each year over 200,000 children alone are injured in accidents, 79% of these a result from fall’s. Sofstep is the leading safety surfacing application on the market.

Approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (C.P.S.C.)

SofStep pavers are A.D.A. Compliant

Sofstep is used by the Miracle League, child care centers, rehabilitation centers, retirement areas, equine areas (and more) providing a safe, shock-absorbent, non-slip flooring.

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